"Wer wieder in Kontakt mit sich selbst und seinen verborgenen Potenzialen kommen will, sollte das freie, unbeschwerte Singen wiederentdecken. Es vertreibt angstbedingte Verkrampfungen und stärkt all jene neuronalen Netzwerke, die eine positive Lebenshaltung vermitteln."

Gerald Hüther, Neurobiologe


Give room to the sound!

Singing lessons and vocal coaching

As an enthusiastic vocal teacher I have been teaching private students of all ages since 2002. I gave master classes in singing at the Salatiga University in Indonesia, was a lecturer at the University of Education in Freiburg and a visiting professor at the Music Academy for Young Musicians in Baden-Württemberg in south Germany.

A freely vibrating voice sounds beautiful!

Singing is really fun when you swing in harmony with yourself and can go into resonance. Finding your own center and taking a deep breath is the starting point for enjoying musical and artistic expression.

In class we develop body resonance and sound on the basis of free breathing. The physiologically healthy use of the voice is important to me in lessons with amateur and professional singers as well as in training with people in vocally strenuous professions such as teachers or speakers.

Through my studies and master classes in the USA and Germany I got to know a wide variety of approaches and techniques and integrated them into my own "toolbox" for teaching. Constant exchange with other voice-loving or bodywork-oriented people is important to me for new impulses: The Complete Vocal Method, experience of breath according to Middendorf, breathing method according to Schlaffhorst-Anderson, CANTIENICA® method for body work as well as biodynamic craniosacral therapy. My work is also influenced by many years of practicing Feldenkrais Method and Kundalini Yoga with its breathing meditations.

My students, amateurs and professional singers,want to learn vocal techniques in order to become more confident in solo and choral singing. Some are preparing for entrance exams at the Musikhochschule or prepare roles in musicals and music theater. They want to find their very own, authentic and clear expression.